Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sept 27: Hiking the Roan

Sept 27, 2008: The OVTA leaves the Shelving Rock for its annual trek up and over the Roan Mountain, following in the footsteps of the Patriot Militia that took this route over the mountain back on this day in 1780.

The Shelving Rock as it is today. This is the location of the Sept 26th campsite. Here the Patriot Militia stored its gunpowder to keep it out of the weather as it was pouring rain when they camped here 228 years ago.

Today's group of OVTA hikers getting ready to head up the Roan Mountain. This is one of the most picturesque hikes along the Trail. I get a sense, when I reach the top, of what those men felt back in 1780. They new that once they crossed over the crest of the mountain and headed down the other side they new they may never return and if they did return, they did not know what they would come back to. British agents had been enticing the Indians to attack the frontier and with the militia gone, would there homes be protected? Also, what if Maj. Patrick Ferguson made good on his threat and came across the Mountains to "lay waste to our fields and farms with fire and sword"?

The OVTA Marchers heading up the Roan. The weather today has been threatening and we fear we may not be able to make it all the way to the crest.
Richard making his way. The incline is getting steeper.

And steeper !!!! But more beautiful with each step.
Steve and Mel take a break at the Lazy boy rock.

The crest is now in the clouds. We will not be able to go much higher for safety concerns.We look like ants on an anthill.

Jerry, Shirley and others on the Roan Mountain

View looking back down into the valley. This was very much like it was in 1780.


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