Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Greetings again from the Overmountain Victory Trail !!

We finished up a great day yesterday. We programed and walked the Trail at the Orchard at Altapass and at the Joseph McDowell House in Marion, NC. I hope to post pictures from those events soon.

I wanted everyone to see an email I received from one of our visitors on the March:

Here are some pictures of you & your group. I really enjoyed seeing & talking with you folks. History was my major in college and I love it. As I may have mentioned, my G-G Grandpa joined the OMM in NC and fought at Kings Mtn. You folks are doing a great service in educating our children and making making history come alive for everyone. Keep up the good work.

See pictures below that he took at the Sycamore Shoals event:

Thanks for the GREAT input and pictures. GOOD JOB !!!!!!!!!!

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