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9/28/09 Dinner and Story at the Orchard at Altapass

SEPTEMBER 28, 2009
Every year, since I can remember, Bill Carson, the proprietor of the Apple Orchard at Altapass, has welcomed the OVTA. Bill provides the marchers with a great supper and then we proceed to tell the Story of the Campaign to the Battle of Kings Mountain. On the following day we will have hundreds of school students from the surrounding schools come to the Apple Orchard for hiking along the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail and story telling and a whole lot of educational programming.

Many THANKS to Bill Carson and his staff for all of their support, efforts and did I say great food.

A view of the Orchard at Altapass from the Blue Ridge Parkway near Spruce Pines, NC. This area is where the Patriot Militia had split their forces with Sevier and Shelby's men passing by this spot on their way to Heffiner Gap to drop off of the mountain and rejoin the Virginians near Morganton, NC at Quaker Meadows.
Bill Carson, left, and the Principal of Riverside Elementary School.

Dinner is served and a great meal it always is. This is one thing we never take for granted. The communities along the Trail take great care of the Marchers and we never seem to miss many meals.
Dinner is enjoyed !!!!!
The Story begins with the War comes to the South by David King.
Bill, from Missouri, preparing to give Doaks Sermon. We had OVTA marchers from 11 or so different States join us this year. Some from as far away as Texas and Minnesota.
The Story continues.
The Ladies tell of the experiences of the wives and children during the Campaign.
Steve Ricker closes the Story. To paraphrase him: "We are the keepers of this Story but we did not write it. It was written on October 7, 1780, on a hillside in South Carolina, with the sweat and blood of the men that fought and died there."
The OVTA welcomes any and all that love the history and the story of the men and women that participated in the Campaign and Battle of Kings Mountain. Come join us. You do not have to have an ancestor that fought in the Battle to be a part of this great experience. Nor do you have to dress in period clothes. The OVTA IS WORTH INVESTING IN !!!!!!
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