Sunday, October 4, 2009

9-26-09 The Shelving Rock Campsite event

September 26, 2009, the OVTA traveled to the Shelving Rock campsite. This property is owned by the Tom Burleson family and we are in the process of purchasing the property to protect it. This is one of the last campsites that has been relatively untouched and is much the same as it was in 1780 when the patriot militia camped here on September 26, 1780. It rained then and it rained on us.

Mr. Tom Burleson welcomes the crowd that came for a day of fun and history at the site. Unfortunately the weather hampered the events but not the spirits.
The crowd gathers.
We have a horse shoeing demonstration. At this site, in 1780, was here horses were shod while the Patriot Militia camped. They also placed their gun powder under the shelving rock which is located adjacent to the camp site.
The OVTA prepares to be a part of the festivities. The rain kept coming.

Former State Senator Bob Burleson address' the crowd.

And then the main event, Rep. Phil Roe addressed the group and expressed his appreciation for all of the efforts of the Burleson family, the Roan Mountain Citizens Club, his constituents and the OVTA in working towards keeping the STORY alive through preservation and education.
OVNHT Superintendent Paul Carson congratulates Tom Burleson on getting the Shelving Rock campsite listed on the National Register of Historic places

Part of the OVTA crew.

The event, even hampered by the weather was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to Tom Burleson and all of the folks of the Roan Mountain Citizens Club.

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