Thursday, October 1, 2009

9-24-09 Rocky Mount Event

September 24th:

The OVTA proceeded to Rocky Mount State Park for an evening candlelight program. Rocky Mount was the home place of Col. William Cobb. Col. Cobb mustered his troops in here and proceeded to join up with the Overmountain Men at Sycamore Shoals.

The program was a great success. Many thanks to the staff at Rocky Mount State Park.

Mike Dahl and Chad Bogart and others plan the evening events.

The program begins:
Richard Luce eating chicken cooked over the fire while others participate in the program.

The program continues.
Mike Dahl finishes the program with great success.
The Overmountain Victory Trail Association continues with the March and we are programming more school kids than ever before. We are planning more and more walking with the kids and teaching them about the history, education and the benefits of walking the trail for physical fitness.
This is a truly a multifaceted year. We have been able to reach out, and bring to the Trail, hundreds, if not thousands more people to the the Trail thanks to the grant we received from the National Park Foundation and funded by the Coca-Cola Company. Many, many thanks for realizing that the OVTA is worth investing in.
On with the March !!!!!!!

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