Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crossing the Watauga in to Sycamore Shoals

September 25, 2008: The OVTA crosses the Watauga River and enters Sycamore Shoals, Elizabethton, TN. just as the Patriot Militia did, on this day, in 1780. They crossed the river coming in from Virginia. Col. William Campbell's Virginia militia consisted of 400 men.

They came to Sycamore Shoals to meet up with militias from the other overmountain settlements to answer the threat of British Major Patric Ferguson which was to cross over the mountains and lay waste, with fire and sword, to their fields and farms.

This was the largest OVTA group to cross the Watauga since the historic 1980 campaign. It was a sight to see.

After marching from Rocky Mount to the town of Watauga, we came to the Watauga River.

The OVTA Militia preparing to enter the river.

Whew!! the waters of the Watauga are cold and DEEP TOO!

The Marchers making it across.

We stop in the middle of the river to fire a ceremonial volley in respect of the crossing on September 25, 1780.

The crowds awaiting on the far side of the river.

The Marchers being helped out of the River. We had a large group at Sycamore Shoals to watch the crossing.

Mike Dahl recognizes Adam as being the youngest to cross the river this year.

We even had spectators hanging from the trees to see this historic recreation.


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