Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Washington Co. VA 4th graders come to the Muster Ground

What a day! We had a bunch of 4th graders hear the Story of the Campaign to the Battle at Kings Mountain. They met up with us at the Muster Ground in Abingdon, VA.
The Muster Ground is the location where, in 1780, the Washington County Militia was called to answer the threat of Major Patrick Furgeson and his Tory army. They had threatened to cross the mountains, hang the leaders of the Overmountain settlements and lay waste to their fields and farms with fire and sword.
The Washington County 4th graders arrive. They are an army unto themselves.

Anticipating the gun firing. Look at their faces !!

Home schoolers are welcome also

Ring toss. It is harder than it looks.

Nothing better than dancing to the music.

Artie O'Neal making fire with flint and steel. Look at the faces studying his work. Looking for that spark and glow of red.

Lorraine and Lee give instruction on Rev War games

Enjoying the Rev War era music. This station is really enjoyed. Ryan, Dakota and Bill did a great job

Look at the determination on this guys face as he is trying his hand at bayonet drill. That apple is mighty small. Good job !!!!

Washington Co. Va 4th graders testing theirskills with a Revolution War era game

Tomorrow we head sown the Trail where we will be stopping by the Pemberton Oak and then move on to Bluff City where we will be presenting a program to the schools there.
From there we will be doing a program at Choat's Ford and then on to Rocky Mount for a dedication and candlelight tour program. Check our web site for our schedule and come join us.

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