Monday, September 22, 2008

The OVTA and the Town of Abingdon have School Programs at the Muster Ground

I am making this entry into the Blog as I smell the campfire smoke and the sun has long since set. It is late and I am entering this by candlelight, in camp, so my spelling and grammer may be a bit weak.
Today we had visitors from Castewood East school from Russell County, Chilhowie school from Smyth County, Sullins and St. Mary's schools from Bristol, VA. and Temple Christian from Abingdon, VA.
The pictures below are just a few from today. I hope they give the reader a sense of the value and fun that these programs bring to the children that participated. Our goal is Keeping The Story of our revolutionary ancestors alive so that we will always appreciate and honor their efforts.
The program begins

Bayonetting the apple


Story Telling

Gilford County Fife and Drum Corp

OVNHT Superintendant Paul Carson presents badges to Boy Scouts

One happy fellow

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david winship said...

As you say, it is a wonderful occasion to bring history alive for adults and children - all students at the Mustering Ground. In this morning's Bristol Herald Courier, students say they would like more opportunities like this to learn the old-time and still relevant skills of their forefathers and foremothers. They even said they'd like to have more work like they saw in action.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we've got the students from Washington Co. coming.

David Winship