Monday, October 5, 2009

9-28-09 Robert Sevier Grave Site

September 28, 2009: Hike in to the grave site of Robert Sevier

Robert Sevier was wounded at the Battle of Kings Mountain and was told that if he traveled that he would die within 7-8 days. Sevier stated that with a name like Sevier and if he stayed put and was captured by the British he was as good as dead. So he elected to travel back with the Overmountain Men. Sure enough, on the 7th day he passed away from the wounds he had received on October 7, 1780 at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Where Robert Sevier died was where he was buried. This spot is on private property and the owners of this property allow us to visit the grave site 1 day a year. This year we brought with us some 500 plus 4th grade school students. We hike some 3 miles or so and we told the story of Robert Sevier and the Campaign to the Battle of Kings Mountain as we hiked.

The students gather. They are coming off of the buses for a hike and learning event. We broke up in to 3 groups and each group went down the trail while being told the Story of the Campaign to the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Hiking the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail with the Overmountain Victory Trail Association while learning the history of the site is a rewarding experience. This experience was enhanced this year with a grant that was awarded to the National Park Service from the National Parks Foundation which was funded by the Coca-Cola Company. The National Park Service partnered with the Overmountain Victory Trail Association to administer the grant funds. We used the grant funds to provide transportation to the schools to get the students to the trail for some hiking and learning. Many thanks to the National Park Service, the National Park Foundation, the Coca-Cola Company and the Overmountain Victory Trail Association. This is truly an effort worth investing in. Hip-Hip-Huzza !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Students, teachers and the OVTA hiking the Trail and keeping the STORY alive.

One of the groups stops to hear of the life a Patriot in 1780.

The scenery was grand. This is one of the most picturesque sites along the OVNHT.

After the hike and learning, the kids loaded up on the school buses and had to return to the real world. We trust that fun was had by all and that they will carry a little of the 1780's back with them.
The OVTA is now off to the Orchard at Altapass for an evening program hosted by Bill Carson. Many THANKS to Bill for his efforts and kind assistance.


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